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• Sign language to text
• Speech to text
• Video communication
Real-time sign language translator with AI
The challenge is huge
How to improve communication
between deaf and hearing people?
466 000 000
Number of people with hearing loss in the world
48 000 000
Number of deaf or hard of hearing in the US
2 000 000
American Sign Language speakers in the US
People are waiting for it
We constantly receive feedback from social media
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We have a vision
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How does it work
Complex technology in simple words

Transcribes from ASL to text in real-time

Transcribes from speech to text

Provides video communication
ASL Signer

Deaf person signing during the video call

Signer can read transcribed speech of the interlocutor

Hearing person speaking during the video call

Speaker can read transcribed signs of the interlocutor
Use cases
How we can help you
Daily communication
Communicate easily with your loved ones using sign language and live transcription
Career development
Create more opportunities by having a deaf–friendly job environment
Health care
Engage in a direct communication with your doctor
Make online classes accessible and improve graduation rate
Solution for business
Attract and retain customers
or reduce costs with our technology
For video communication companies
Thanks to SLAIT automatic Sign Language transcription technology, you can make your service accessible to millions of users.

After integration, your service will be available for customers with disabilities.
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For VRI and VRS services
Thanks to SLAIT automatic Sign Language transcription technology, you can reduce staff costs.

After integration, you won't need a specially trained ASL interpreter.
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Key features
  • Sign Language Translation
    The application recognizes gestures and displays them as text in real time
  • Speech Recognition
    The application recognizes speech and displays it as text in real time
  • Video Communication
    The application provides live video connection 24/7
Available for Web, Android & iOS
Use the service on a platform convenient for you
Artificial intelligence inside
The core of SLAIT is the trained neural network model
High accuracy
We managed to recognize some gestures with the SLAIT Recurrent Neural Network model and we got amazing results
The AI model was developed by our CTO as part of scientific work in the "Aachen University of applied sciences" in Germany
Continuous improvement
We are constantly developing our AI model testing different architectures
Meet the team
We work hard every day to make it happen
  • Evgeny Fomin
    Evgeny is Red Dot awarded digital Product Designer. Winner (2nd place) of the Facebook Developers Circles contest in 2019 in Barcelona with an application for deaf and hard of hearing. He has more than 10 years of experience in design, marketing and digital product development.
  • Nikita Nikitin
    Chief Technology Officer
    Nikita is an experienced engineer with a strong scientific background in AI.
    GBT Technologies Inc., Santa Monica (CA, USA); Medium group – Machine Learning Engineer; RSUH, Moscow – Professor of Computer Sciences President's award for IT postgraduates. Moscow, 2013.

  • Brenden Gilbert
    Deaf community leader. Meta, Lead Global Product Hardware Engineer, Data Centers; Meta, Accessibility, and Inclusion Leader; IBM, Advanced Customer Lead Engineer; Accessibility Champion at Meta - Exceptional Advocacy and Leadership.
Investment opportunity
3 reasons why now is the best moment to invest
  • 1
    Revolutionary technology
    We have a unique technology, which allows to get business benefits
  • 2
    Now is the right moment
    The video communications market is growing extremely rapidly, which creates the most favorable conditions for the implementation of our technology
  • 3
    Developed by a great team
    Our team consists of experienced innovators who are ready to lead the company from startup to unicorn


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